My professional experience has been as a software engineer doing remote work out of Costa Rica. Before that, I studied math and philosophy.


  • Partner, Engineering at cLabs, August 2020-August 2021. General development on the Celo blockchain client, a fork of go-ethereum.

  • Senior Software Engineer at Polly, May 2017-September 2019. Full-stack development in Typescript, targeting multiple platforms on the front-end: Slack, Microsoft Teams, and web.

  • Software Developer at ThriveHive, June 2015-June 2016. Front-end development on the company’s customer-facing single-page application.

  • Python Engineer at Demand Media (now Leaf Group), contracting through BairesDev, June 2014-March 2015. Full-stack development on the datacenter automation project.

  • Created the website for Escazú Music Academy (off-hours, June 2014-July 2014). It’s a static site using a responsive Bootstrap template, but I used Ruby on Rails so as to reduce duplication and speed up development.

  • Software Developer at Net Data Direct, May 2013-September 2013. Worked on the company’s data warehousing application, as we transitioned from PostgreSQL to a mostly NoSQL system using Cassandra and Redis.

  • Mathematics Teacher at the Blue Valley School, July 2011-December 2011. Taught three classes of high school mathematics.

  • Various teaching gigs at the University of Pittsburgh, Fall 2003-Spring 2011. Taught and served as a teaching assistant for several courses in the mathematics and philosophy departments.